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La Purisima Concepcion

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Where is the mission located? The La Purisima Concepcion mission was located halfway between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, near the middle of the chain of missions in  an inland valley.





What group of Indians was living in the area?

The group of indians who populated the La Purisima Concepcion were the Chumash indians.



When was the mission established? What order in the mission chain is it?

The La Purisima Concepcion mission was established on December 8, 1787 on orders by Serra and was the 11 mission in the chain.



Who was responsible for starting this mission?

The person responsible Father Fermin Laseun, Fransiscan missionary and successor to Junipero Serra.   


Has the mission moved from its original location?

Well, it hasn't been moved but, it got burnt down so they built a new site in the valley, Canyon of the Watercress.



What does the mission look like? Use descriptive words. Address each of the


  • Chapel- was built for utility as opposed for beauty. Used square posts to support roof, rather than the arches typical of most missions. Interior of rough plastered surfaces;exposed beams lashed with rawhide. Wall paintings in colorful native designs. Entrance is on side wall.
  • Bell wall or bell tower-three bells{one on top, two on bottom}. Original bells cast in bronze in Lima, Peru in 1817-1818. Campanario extends from one end of the church, forming part of the cemetry wall.
  • Quadrangle-this particular mission does not have a quadrangle which is most rare for a usual mission.
  • Priests’ quarters- a large room with a bed with upper frame, a small desk at foot of bed, a large wardrobe, a large writing desk, and a chandelier over bed.
  • Indians’ quarters- a large group of huts on the far-side of the mission. Made of tule and tied with thin ropes. 
  • Archways- a half-circle facing downward, made of adobe brick with a white finish with red finish on the bottom.
  • Fields, grounds, gardens-about 100 Chumash Indians built adobe houses nearby. Surrounding the buildings were large vats for making soap and tallow, a 10-acre vineyard, gardens and a pear orchard. La Purisima was the third of the in agricultural production, and had over 20,000 head of livestock.
  • Outbuildings-a series of long buildings arranged in a line, rather than  the traditional quadrangle. Buildings included warehouses for storage of hides and tallow; workshops for carpenters, blacksmiths, potters, weavers, and leather workers; residence quarters with kitchens and guest rooms; a small hospital. The 300-foot-long residence building was bordered by a walkway with 20 fluted columns.

What materials were used to construct the mission? 

Materials made to build the mission were, adobe brick, tile, red brick, concrete, and bronze. 


What was the main industry of the mission during the Spanish occupation?

The main industry in the Spanish occupation was farming and agricutural production.



What, if any, is the main industry of the mission today?

The mission is not a industry but, however it is a historical site for tourist and information purposes.



What was the relationship between the Priests and the Indians?

One example of there relationship was Junipero Serra he taught and worked with the indians and since his work was most excellent, there king said to do the same with the Alta California indians.    




Is it possible to visit the mission today?

Yes it is possible, but it has been completely restored so it won't be as original as say, other missions would.




Find an image of the floor plan of your mission and include it here:


1.Tanning vats
2.Cemetry/bell wall



5.Padres/priests quarters 


7.Workers quarters


9.Grist mill/kitchen

10.Workers quarters



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