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San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo

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Where is the mission located?   

Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo is located about 20 miles south of the city of Carmel, on Junípero Avenue. It's perched on a hillside less than a mile from the ocean at the mouth of the Carmel Valley. 



What group of Indians was living in the area?  

The Esselen Indians were living in a small village of Tamo by the Carmel area when the mission was started. There were fewer of them then there were around other missions, so there wasn't as much need for large scale farming.



When was the mission established? What order in the mission chain is it?  

Mission Carmel was established on June 3, 1770. It was the second in the mission chain, coming after Mission San Diego de Acala. 



Who was responsible for starting this mission?   

Father Junípero Serra, a franciscan missionary, started it, for the purpose of making it the head mission. He named it for St. Charles of Borreméo from Milan, Italy.



Has the mission moved from its original location?    

Yes. One year after having built it in Monterey, Father Serra moved it 5 miles to the Carmel Valley across the peninsula.



What does the mission look like? Use descriptive words. Address each of the following;   

  • Chapel- The chapel is long and skinny with walls getting thicker as they go up, forming an arched white ceiling. Its floor is made of tiles, and there are many wooden pews going to the back of the hall. In the front is the alter of carved wood, painted gold and red, with Jesus and the cross.
  • Bell wall or bell tower- The bigger of the two bell towers is topped by a dome, and is on the left side of the entrance. The other ends in a step up to a cube, and is on the right. They both have metal crosses coming off the top and had from 4 to 11 bells at different times. 
  • Quadrangle- The quadrangle is richly furnished with flowers and other plants. In the middle is a old fountain that Father Serra brought. Also, the front is shorter than the back, and that makes it unique.
  • Priests’ quarters- Father Serra's cell had only a simple board bed, a single blanket, table, chair, gourd, candlestick, and chest.
  • Indians’ quarters- There were no Indian's quarters in the Carmel mission, only priests' and soldiers' quarters. The Indians probably stayed in their village nearby.
  • Archways- The doorways were commonly arched, and ceilings in important rooms were arched, instead of the usual flat ceilings in other missions.
  • Fields, Grounds, Gardens- There were no farm fields, but there was lots of growth in the quadrangle, and all the yards were filled with flowering plants.
  • Outbuildings- There was a tannery,a kiln, and stables for the cattle behind the main part of the mission.  

              A 'star window' above the entrance, the dome on top of a bell tower, an outside staircase leading to the bell tower, the windows high up on the walls, and the walls tapering inward to form an arched ceiling, are all part of the moorish theme Manuel Ruíz put into the plan. Also, most missions are made out of adobe, but the Carmel Mission is one of the few which are made of stone.


What materials were used to construct the mission?   

 Yellow sandstone blocks from the Santa Lucia Mountains were held together with mortar made from lime in abalone shells from the beach. It has a tile roof with a wooden ceiling painted to look like stone.



What was the main industry of the mission during the Spanish occupation?    

 Carmel was Father Serra's favorite mission, and where he stayed most of the time,  so they didn't farm because other people brought all the supplies to him. They used it mainly as a church, although they had a few cattle



What, if any, is the main industry of the mission today?  

 The mission is now a parish. It has a school, a history museum,a store, and is a big tourist attraction.                                   


What was the relationship between the Priests and the Indians?  

The Indians respected the priests, and accepted gifts from them. But, they were afraid of the soldiers and the guns.  



Is it possible to visit the mission today?  

Yes, the mission is open in Carmel, where you can go to the cemetary and see the museum.



Find an image of the floor plan of your mission and include it here: 


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wikiuser0017 said

at 11:40 am on Jun 8, 2009

what is a pew?, also, the light green an blue is hard to see

wikiuser0004 said

at 11:40 am on Jun 8, 2009

nice work solenn
- Angie

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nic work solenn

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at 11:41 am on Jun 8, 2009

I like how you highlighted the important details. -Aidan :)

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at 11:41 am on Jun 8, 2009

I like how you highlighted the important details and I think your painting was AMAZING!!!

wikiuser0012 said

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Cool. I especially like the incredible details

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at 11:42 am on Jun 8, 2009

Awesome,I like the picture you drew.
San Francisco De Solano.

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at 11:42 am on Jun 8, 2009

very detailed and nice painting

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at 11:42 am on Jun 8, 2009

I really like your visual. I also like that you put a poem in.

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at 11:42 am on Jun 8, 2009

i really loved your painting and great gob with your mission:)Silvia

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at 11:42 am on Jun 8, 2009

Nice job. I like the picture. The green and blue are kinda hard to see.

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at 11:43 am on Jun 8, 2009

Solenn, your mission project is very nice and your painting is beautiful!!!

-Jacyn Love it!

tkeating said

at 11:43 am on Jun 8, 2009

Your visual was great!

wikiuser0011 said

at 11:43 am on Jun 8, 2009

AWESOME visual solenn

wikiuser0019 said

at 11:43 am on Jun 8, 2009

Everything is amazing, so much better than mine and other people's, the detail! i also enjoy the extra information, and the picture is so nice. i wish i could draw like that. maybe you should give me art lessons. the only "complaint" i have, is the i can' see the floor plan very well. But keep up the good work! -Jessie number nineteen. P.S. :D ;) :) smiles

wikiuser0006 said

at 11:43 am on Jun 8, 2009

I love you painting. It look like you put alot of time in it.

wikiuser0010 said

at 11:47 am on Jun 8, 2009

I like all the detail. I thought that it was good. The painting was also very good. I liked how you made the quotes in your own words.
- Audrey

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