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San Diego de Acala

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Where is the mission located?

It is located on 10818 San Diego Mission Road, San Diego, CA 92108-2429.  It's 15 miles north of the California-Mexico border, on a hill about 8 miles from he Pacific ocean.     


What group of Indians was living in the area?

The tribe that lived there were the Kumeyaay Indians. 


When was the mission established? What order in the mission chain is it? 

It was the first mission established.  It was established on June 16, 1769.




Who was responsible for starting this mission?  

Father Junípero Serra was responsible for creating the mission.




Has the mission moved from its original location? 

The mission has moved from its original location.  It moved 5 miles inland to get better crops and farm land.




What does the mission look like? Use descriptive words. Address each of the


  • Chapel-The chapel  had one aisle for people to walk in, that is surround by 2 colums of 3 chairs on either side.  It has a table at the end of the aisle.   There are 6 candles on the table.
  • Bell wall or bell tower- The bell tower has 5 bells.  one on the top, 2 in the middle, and 2 on the bottom.  The top bell weighs 840 pounds and the bottom 2 both weigh 1200 pounds.



          Here is a YouTube video of me holding up a hand-made clay replica of the San Diego de Alcala bell tower. 



  • Quadrangle-The quadrangle had a fountain in the middle of it.  It has 6 trees around the fountain.  Each tree has a short hedge sorounding it.  There are 6 walk ways leading to it.  The rest is brick.
  • Priests’ quarters-The priests' quarters was right next to the the Bell tower.  The rooms were very small.  They had one bed, a chair and that was it.  
  • Indians’ quarters-The Indians stayed in their own villages.
  • Archways-The archways were dome shaped like the one on the right.


  • Fields, grounds, gardens- The garden had many statues in it.  It had trees and bushes in it.  The main idea of the garden was more for beauty.  The mission had no fields. The buildings had a rectangular shape to the other than the roofs.
  • Outbuildings-The only out building was the area where the cattle brand was.



What materials were used to construct the mission?

Adobe was used to make the mission.




What was the main industry of the mission during the Spanish occupation?

The main industry was farming.




What, if any, is the main industry of the mission today?

The main industry today is a tourist attraction and a museum.




What was the relationship between the Priests and the Indians?

The relationship between the indians and the priests was that the indians would help build the mission in exchange the cloth that they had never seen before.



Is it possible to visit the mission today?

Yes.  It is possible to go there today.




Find an image of the floor plan of your mission and include it here:




Powerpoint presentation

San Diego de Alcala - Maximilian Untrecht.ppt




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wikiuser0012 said

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I like the details, Maxine.

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max, i like the video, and the floor plan is cool as well

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That's really good Max. Good job.

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at 11:33 am on Jun 8, 2009

I liked how you had big and bright pictures. I also liked your bell tower. I can see how it's falling apart.

wikiuser0015 said

at 11:33 am on Jun 8, 2009

Great information, presentation, and pictures. But, it would of been nice on number one to make it so that you can see the whole answer without having to scroll to the side. Also, on number one it says he, instead of the. I thought the Video was really cool!!!
-Jacyn :D Great Work!!!

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nice job Max!

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I like how you made the bell tower!

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I like the answers you used. I also like that you made a video and a powerpoint presentation.

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at 11:34 am on Jun 8, 2009

it is a very good visual

wikiuser0002 said

at 11:34 am on Jun 8, 2009

I like how you put real bells in the bell tower. Also, I liked how you put in the weights of the bells.

wikiuser0013 said

at 11:34 am on Jun 8, 2009

i thought your mission was great:)silvia

wikiuser0019 said

at 11:34 am on Jun 8, 2009

I liked the youtube video. I do think it would be better if it were a little longer, and if you added more detail about how you made it, and what materials you used. I also like the pictures and by the way, i thought the cattle brand was an outbuilding also. But didn't you listen at Sanchez Adobe?

wikiuser0017 said

at 11:34 am on Jun 8, 2009

by the way, your images are cool as well

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at 11:34 am on Jun 8, 2009

That was good. Thats to bad that video wasn't working. Nice details.
- Audrey

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