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San Juan Bautista

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     Where is the mission located?

  Mission San Juan Bautista is 90 miles South East of San Francisco. It is near Gilroy and is on the San Andreas Fault. It suffred magder damage during the 1906 earthquake. Mission San Juan Bautista is the largest Spanish mission in California.


  What group of Indians was living in the area?

 Ohlone were brought to live at the mission, and later Yokuts came. So, to answer your question, Ohlone and Yokuts lived at mission San Juan Buatista.


   When was the mission established? What order in the mission chain is it?

  Mission San Juan Buatista was established on June 24, 1797. It was the 15th mission of 21. One distinction of this mission, is that it has been occupied through its entire history. 

    Who was responsible for starting this mission?

   The priest who started this mission was Father Fermin Lasuén. There is a picture of him above. He started mission San Juan Buatista 13 days after misson San Jose. Father  Fermin Lasuén started eight other missions as well. 


 Has the mission moved from its original location?

  No, but it was rebuilt. And then re-modeled in 1867.  


   What does the mission look like? Use descriptive words. Address each of the




 Chapel- The chapel is used for weddings and other  cerimonies. There has been 1003  weddings at this mission. Mission San Juan Bautista's capel has three alters (the main  one, the right one and the left one.)It is the only chapel with three alters. One thing you will notice when you see this chapel is that it is large, the biggest of the California missions.


Bell wall or bell tower- Mission San Juan Bautista's bell wall has three bells in a triangle shape. The top of the bell wall has a cross on it. The original church had no bell tower, there were just bells hung from a wodden crossbar in the quadrangle. A bell wall is called the campanario. Below is a picture of the bells.

 Quadrangle- If you scroll down to the botom and see the floor plan you can tell that the quadrangle is very large.


 Priests’ quarters

                       -The living quarters are in a wing that is 230 feet long, fronted with 19 arches.

 Indians’ quarter

Archways-     Mission Jan Juan Bautista has many archways. They are everywhere!!!  In the front of the mission there are 19 arches, the first and thirteenth are square.


 Fields, grounds, gardens - Mission San Juan Bautista currently has a large flower garden in its quadrangle with a variety of plants, including roses, cacti, and  palm trees, and wild chickens and rosters.


Outbuildings -

On the floor-plan, the outbuildings can not be seen.



This is a picture of the cemetery. The cemetery is an olive grove behind the church. There are  4,300 Native Americans buried in this cemetery.


   What materials were used to construct the mission?


 The main building material used to make mission San Juan Bautista is adobe, Cement was also used to support the three feet thick walls. Stucco was used to build the bell tower.


     What was the main industry of the mission during the Spanish occupation?

  The main industry of mission San Juan Bautista during the Spanish occupation was farming and agriculture they also exported hides and tallow through the mission at Monterey. 


   What, if any, is the main industry of the mission today?

Their main industry is acting as a tourist atraction and gift shop. They also have a wishing well and still have mass, at 2:00, every day, where they donations are excepted.


    What was the relationship between the Priests and the Indians?

 The indians were friendly they helped build the mission, work in the fields, and take care of the cattle. The Indians enjoyed this lifestyle so much that they needed to enlarge the church to hold 1,000 people. 


  Is it possible to visit the mission today?

  Yes, you can take a tour for $4 for adults an $2 for kids. Mission San Juan Bautista claims to have served mass since 1797 and is still active today. 





Find an image of the floor plan of your mission and include it here: 

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I love your pictures on your wiki. I love your fab drawing and floor plan

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